Sarah Hyland Discusses Post-Kidney Transplant Hair Loss

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It takes a lot of bravery to undergo a kidney transplant, which is exactly what Modern Family's Sarah Hyland did in 2012 after a lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia. It takes another kind of bravery to be open with more than five million Instagram followers about her personal struggles caused by the medication she takes to keep her healthy. However, that's exactly what she did on Friday night when she took to her Instagram Story to get real about what it's been like to deal with hair loss, all while managing the pressure to look perfect in the public eye. It wasn't long before Sarah returned to her Story to share some of the suggestions her viewers diligently sent in. “OK, so what I’ve read from you guys — castor oil, leave it in and wash it out,” she said. “There’s also, like, some shampoos. Sarah Hyland Discusses Post-Kidney Transplant Hair Loss

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